What is the real Pyramid Scheme?


What is the REAL pyramid scheme?

Think about it....

There's 1 CEO at the very top of large companies that enjoys a lifestyle
that 99% of the company's workers will never experience.

Beneath him are a handful of Vice Presidents who have literally given their lives in service to the company in hopes of being the person selected to take over when the now current CEO dies or retires

There is a plethera of Middle Management  breathing down the
necks of the current vice presidents in order in line to secure one
of the few positions that become available when someone dies, retires,or get's fired.

Beneath all that upper management are the people that make up 85%+
of just about every company out there.... the workers... the ones who are:

- the first to get laid off...

- the least paid

- the folks that bear the greatest amount of health insurance costs

- the ones with the least amount of educational benefits

- the ones who do most of the grunt work

- the ones who get yelled out the most

But yet.... everyone is taught that this is NORMAL.

Why does every one tell you to go to school (and incur THOUSANDS in debt)
to get a "good" job... to pay for the schooling that 9 times out of
10 you don't even get to use?

About 48 percent of employed U.S. college graduates are in jobs that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests requires less than a four-year college education. Eleven percent of employed college graduates are in occupations requiring more than a high-school diploma but less than a bachelor’s, and 37 percent are in occupations requiring no more than a high-school diploma.

About five million college graduates are in jobs the BLS says require less than a high-school education;



If you would like to step out of the corporate rat race and step
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The bottom line is you have nothing to lose except a life a
corporate controlled slavery and debt bondage.

It's really a no-brainer actually....
Work the rest of your life for some faceless corporation...


Build your own freedom based lifestyle.

The choice is yours....







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Do you know the number one reason why people fail to ever make any money online, let alone ever become successful in life?

It's because they fail to ever take the first step.

Video after video...

Product after product...

Jumping from one opportunity to another...

With nothing but an empty bank account and an unfulfilled dream to show for it.

However, all of that can be avoided by simply taking the first step.

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A few years back I decided I wanted to be able to work from home using the internet. I saw that people were making a living doing it and I desperately wanted to be able to do so too. So I started dabbling in it.

I bought a course here and there...most of the time I didn't understand what they were saying. I would get a refund and go about my business until the next product looked good. Then I would do the same thing all over again...buy it, try it, not understand it, or think they were lying to me and then I would get my money back.

I have some that I didn't get my money back on fast enough and I still own them...lol...Maybe I should go and figure them out now that I have a little more knowledge. Most of their promises were usually too good to be true.

Make tons of money really fast having now prior internet experience! This one step, or two step or three step software makes it sooooo easy even a newbie can do it! Ton's of software, not much information. For a year or so I quit trying.


Learning to make a living online


Of course I was never off of the internet. How many of us really are? Don't we use it almost everyday for  something? It has become as much a part of our lives as the television or the car.

So I was slowly but surely learning a little bit more and more each day. I thought about what I could sell. I thought about vitamins and shampoos...you know the traditional marketing avenues. These were one's I had tried to sell offline...lol.

I heard you need to love what you do so I thought about Essential Oils and Herbs. I thought about trying to write a book. i thought about selling T-shirts.  I researched each of these things.

I thought and thought and researched and researched. I kept running into the same wall. I just didn't have enough knowledge to do any of these things. Ok, maybe I could have done the T-shirts, but that is about it.

I love so many things and I have a lot of knowledge, but I don't have enough knowledge to keep something interesting day after day after day. 


Using the internet to make a living online


Then I got to thinking about marketing other people's products. I learned about Click-bank, and other such markets. I started into more software that is supposed to help you promote things.

Then I learned about social media marketing. I started to learn about social media period...until then it was just face book for seeing what people were doing in my family and playing games. All this learning made a lot of sense and suddenly some of those previous programs I had bought and got a refund on started making a bit more sense.  

I started learning about marketing...until then it really didn't make much sense to me. I heard that you could blog daily and make money. You could put ad's on your site and if people bought stuff you would make money.

I knew I could promote other people's stuff from click bank and make money....then I started learning about something called an auto-responder, getting an email list, follow up emails etc.

Wow...there was so much to learn. But sadly I really didn't see how I could make enough money to support myself with only a $20 or $30 commission here and there....uuugh. It became a nightmare.....


Learning to make a living


One day someone posted a comment on my blog...one on which  I was just tinkering around. I linked back to their blog and found something that made my heart sing.

I finally had a company that I believed I could actually make a living by selling their products. It was an affiliate marketing company with a heart. Now affiliate marketing and network marketing are very similar and very controversial but I was not afraid....I will need to write another blog post on that one... :)

I had heard a long time ago:

"If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business."

Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Now I respect Robert Kiyosaki so I decided that this was something I should really look into..........stay tuned for part 2, but if you can't wait to see how the story progresses..


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